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Brief history

I have started my career in Lebanon with three different IT companies then I moved to KSA to join a software/hardware company as a purchase manager and software consultant at the same time.

In KSA I joined EXE Technologies, one of the leading vendors of WMS (Warehouse Management System).  With EXE I started as a technical Consultant, then to be promoted as a Senior Technical Consultant.

Later I moved from KSA to Dubai in UAE where I spent around two years with EXE as a Senior Technical Consultant and then Technical Lead.

After Dubai I moved to the UK to head the WMS support team for the EMEA region, where I am still doing that now.

Now I live in the UK with my wife and two children.

EXE was acquired by SSA Global which has been recently acquired by Infor.

About Me

My name is Antoine Kelzi and I am a technical expert in WMS .

In addition to my expertise in WMS I have a good knowledge in the SCM field